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The Triad is our newest 30mm internal width Enduro rim with Convergence technology. With data driven improvements, the Triad utilizes Convergence Rim Technology that hits 33% stronger and rides 18% more damped than anything we have created in the past. This means that when you choose a rim with Convergence technology you are getting a rim that will stay true longer, need less maintenance over time and provide a smooth yet responsive ride feel. We focused on strength and ride feel when developing Convergence and we believe we've hit the sweet spot! The Triad pairs well with tires between 2.4" and 2.6", covering the most popular tire options out there.
Boost Wheel Set/Black/6Bolt/XD Driver HOLE COUNT 28 RIM INNER WIDTH 30.5MM The most capable wheels in i9 history have worn the Enduro name and the Enduro S does the pedigree proud. Enduro S is handbuilt for the long haul with 28 straight-pull spokes, the same proven rim profile as the EN305, and our finely crafted Hydra-equipped hubs. Born from an impressive bloodline, Enduro S is well situated to elevate your riding with features you won’t have to sell your first born for. 6 Bolt Only.
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