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LIVE Watersports L2 Fish
The breakthrough design of the L2Fish allows paddlers to enjoy the most demanding stand-up paddle activities from fishing, to hunting, windsurfing, yoga, and even camping. Utilizing a catamaran style hull and hollow core construction, the L2Fish maximizes buoyancy and greatly reduces the weight to volume ratio. The large tunnel in the hull minimizes the surface area on the water, allowing the L2Fish to slice through the water with speed to rival many racing boards on the market today.
LIVE Watersports L2 Utility
The unique hydro-v design of the L2utility offers paddlers an outstanding balance of a lightweight paddleboard with best in class stability. Utilizing a molded construction with carbon wrapped rails, the L2utility design maximizes buoyancy, reduces surface are in the water for greater speed and greatly reduces the weight to volume ratio. This combination of speed, balance and light-weight construction makes it a perfect everything board for any paddler.
LIVE Watersports L4Expedition
We've taken the outstanding platform of the L2Fish paddle board, and expanded upon it to deliver the ultimate fishing paddle board - the L4Expedition. More paddle board (14ft). More deck space (8ft). More capacity (700lbs). More yak attack track for accessories. This board delivers all the advantages of the catamaran style design (stability, speed, ease of paddling), while providing the paddler the ability to carry more equipment and move around easier. And with the extra carrying capacity, this board can fit multiple paddlers with ease. Don't miss out.
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