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Trail riding can be so many things. Long days threading the needle in the high country. Hot laps after work at the local singletrack stash. Finding your edge on technical terrain. Party trains on the neighborhood jump line. The all-new Specialized Levo SL shines in every dimension of this diverse habitat.

The Frame of Reference Trail Optimized Chassis

Everything starts here, with a frame that delivers a lively, precise ride feel. The Specialized FACT 11M composite technology employs advanced FEA and Machine Learning to guide the shape, material usage, and layup schedule to realize class-leading chassis stiffness in all handling-related metrics (lateral, torsional, and bottom bracket.) Specialized turned the entire chassis- front end, rear end, and the link that unifies them- as a single unit to minimize lateral deflection under pedaling to harness every bit of pedal force. Specialized’s Rider-First Engineered ™ process delivers the optimal balance of tuned stiffness, weight, and ride quality from all six sizes, ensuring every rider experiences the same ultimate trail ride characteristics. 

THE POWER TO RIDE MORE TRAILS  43% More Torque, 33% More Power, to be specific

The old adage, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is especially true when it comes to bolstering your own efforts with a telepathic, unobtrusive motor assist and crafting a superb handling trail bike that operates as an extension of your own body. The key to this fusion is the exceptional quality of Specialized’s  turbo operating system. This melding of advanced technology with human effort delivers an enriched experience that goes way beyond simple battery/motor thinking. It’s the invisible hand that makes you able to do more, know more, ride harder, go farther, and feel stronger.

PEERLESS HANDLING Geometry of Control

Snake effortlessly through the switchbacks and confidently send it skyward with ease and precision. The Levo SL’s generous cockpit centers you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle, and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough while giving you the freedom to destroy the turns, float through them, or nail the inside lines.


Whatever the terrain, whatever your riding style, Levo SL’s handling can be dialed to perfection. The head angle can be personalized in three settings to fine-tune the handling to your preferred level of Zen Oneness. Pluck the tight and skinny technical string, shred the rock gardens with battleship stability, rule switchbacks, and hucks to flat with equal authority.


A 29” front wheel ensures stability and surefooted performance in the most hectic terrain, while a 27.5” rear wheel allows for a compact chainstay and super responsive behavior. A 27.5” rear hoop leaves more room to get down over the back wheel on steep drops or when maneuvering in the air, and the short chainstay combined with the smaller wheel makes for snappy acceleration and responsiveness. Meanwhile, for riders who want the unflappable stability of 29” wheels at both ends, there’s a flip-chip at the rear pivot that accommodates their desires as well.

CAPABILITY OF KINEMATICS Playfulness Optimized, Efficiency Emphasized

The suspension on the Levo SL has been redesigned to deliver peak trail radness. A flatted leverage curve along with a more rearward defined axle path ensure peppy pedaling and climbing behavior, and a lower overall leverage ratio equates to improved small-bump and mid-stroke sensitivity while still providing plenty of progression to smash big hits with intent. This carefully tuned leverage rate optimizes the “2x You” characteristics of rider and motor combined to deliver an active yet plush suspension that lets the bike disappear beneath you.

Ride Anywhere Range Leading Motor
Efficiency & System
Integration for Up To 7.5 Hour Range

The SL 1.2 motor delivers industry leading efficiency results, which gives you more range for the needed watt hours. This class-leading efficiency, together with unique energy conserving features like MicroTune, mean that the 320 Wh integrated battery delivers maximum range of up to 5 hours (in Eco Mode). If you want to go even bigger, just slide a Range Extender Battery into your water bottle cage and add 50% more range.

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